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  • Spotfire Delta Training (v5.5 to v6.0)

    TIBCO Spotfire LEAP

    Welcome to this enablement experience. This 'delta' training is specifically designed for those individuals who are already familiar with all of the features of TIBCO Spotfire Professional version 5.5 and need to be quickly brought up-to-speed on the new features available in TIBCO Spotfire Professional version 6.0.

    Note that this is not intended to be a complete or comprehensive training course - so please see the Other Enablement Resources section if you wish to learn more about our available training offerings.

    • New Features Overview

      Resources in this section are intended to provide a broad overview of the new features available in TIBCO Spotfire v6.0.  

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    • New Names

      Changes in product names in TIBCO Spotfire v6.0  have impacted user roles and course titles going forward.  This section provides a quick review of the new nomenclature.

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    • New Map Chart Features

      Map Chart Visualizations are all new in TIBCO Spotfire v6.0.  Use the resources in this section to learn how to configure Map Charts.

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    • New Text Area Features

      In this section, we will introduce some new features available within Text Areas, including: the ability to select a background color or apply an image as a background in text areas; the addition of an HTML editor dialog which also supports JavaScript, and the ability to associate Property with IronPython Scripts such that changes in property values automatically execute the script.

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    • Forecast on Time Series

      In this section, we will introduce the Holt-Winters method for performing forecasting on time series data in order to predict values for future time points.

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    • In-Database Data Connections

      In this section, we will briefly discuss the new data connectors which are available to provide access to in-database data, the new capabilility to import in-database data for in-memory data analysis, and the configuration of in-database data sources as On-Demand data tables. 

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    • Other Client Feature Changes

      In this section, we will cover a variety of other feature changes which have occurred with the release of version 6.0, including - but not limited to - a new transformation menu option, the ability to export raw data to the library, an option to open an analysis when the linked data source is missing, and the ability to render images as axis labels.

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    • TIBCO Spotfire Business Author

      In this section, you will experience an interactive tour of the web-based TIBCO Spotfire Business Author. 

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    • Other Enablement Resources

      If you found this course to be useful, consider what else Spotfire Enablement might offer that could help you and your organization make more out of your application of TIBCO Spotfire. 

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